Resveratrol Rich 500mg - 60Caps


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Resveratrol is emerging as a powerful phytonutrient providing many benefits including its powerful antioxidant effects. Each vegetarian capsule of this super-strength extract is 250 mg strong in natural Trans Resveratrol. ResveratrolRich is a unique and proprietary blend of highly purified Resveratrol extracted from two resveratrol-rich plants. Japanese Knotweed root (Polygonum cuspidatum) is purified to remove 98% of undesirable emodin that occurs in ordinary extracts which may cause intestinal discomfort. Blended with this superior Knotweed extract is Natural Factors produced proprietary extract of red wine grape skin created from locally grown fresh grapes from the famous fruit-growing region of British Columbia Canada. This unique and powerful blend provides the ultimate Resveratrol supplement.

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