Chlorophyll Mint 1Litres


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Chlorophyll has numerous health benefits. It is unique in nature in that it is both a gentle cleanser (in fact it is the only cleanser of a class of common toxins known as aflatoxins) while at the same time being a calorie-free energizing tonic. Athletes cherish chlorophyll as a potent antioxidant as well as a bronchial dilator (opens up airways allowing more oxygen to enter your system). Additionally chlorophyll can aid the body in repairing tissue and injuries; a property that is effective for both internal and external injuries. Pure-l? Natural Liquid Greens Chlorophyll is great tasting refreshing bioavailable water-soluble kosher AND vegan!Features:Builds a high blood count Cleans and deodorizes bowels Cleans teeth and gums Counteracts toxins Eliminates body odors Helps purify the liver Helps sores heal faster Improves anemic conditions Improves blood sugar (diabetes) Improves nasal functioning Improves varicose veins Excellent throat gargle Provides iron to organs Reduces inflammation pain Relieves sore throat Resists bacterial infections Revitalizes leg veins Soothes hemorrhoids and piles Soothes ulcerous tissueAids asthma improvement Aids hepatitis improvement Benefits inflamed tonsils.

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