Camilia Teething Doses 15x - 1ml


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Camilia is a homeopathic medicine used to relieve pain restlessness irritability and diarrhea due to teething.Developed specifically for babies and toddlers aged 1 to 30 months Camilia is formulated in a sterile water-based and does not contain sugar dye benzocaine or preservatives.Camilia is neutral-tasting and comes packaged in sterile drinkable and unbreakable unit-doses making it easy to administer.Its neutral taste makes taking it easy and helps baby recover his smile.Features No SugarNo DyeNo PreservativesNo BenzocaineOther Info Camilia does not require any special storage conditions prior to opening the aluminium pouch.Directions Children from 1 month to 30 months - Hold baby in a seated position. Squeeze entire contents of one single-use unit-dose into baby s mouth. Keep the remaining unit-doses in the aluminum pouch. Give 3 to 6 unidoses per 24 hours during 3 to 8 days. Active Ingredients Chamomilla vulgaris 9CH Phytolacca decandra 5CH Rheum officinale 5CH.Non-Active Ingredients Purified waterCaution If symptoms worsen or persist for more than 3 days consult a health care practionner to confirm that symptoms are related to teething.Keep out of the reach of children. ...


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