Detoxitech® Detoxification and Cellular Cleansing 592 g Powder

Detoxitech is a natural medical food product, in powdered form, scientifically designed to provide effective support for intensive detoxification. Detoxitech, unlike other detox products and programs, is designed to fully support every process used by the body to transport, process, and excrete heavy metals and other toxic substances.
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The human body has the capacity to process toxins. However, in today's polluted world, environmental toxins, combined with toxins created within the body due to poor nutrition or malfunctioning digestive systems, can over-tax the body's detoxification system causing serious health issues. To maintain good health every person should undergo an effective detoxification program on a regular basis to purge out pollutants that accumulate in cells and organs.Detoxitech Detoxification and Cellular Cleansing's detoxification and deep tissue cleansing is designed to fully support every process used by the body to transport, detoxify and excrete heavy metals and other toxic substances from the body. Detoxitech: Contains a special blend of amino acids, antioxidants and phytochemicals that protect and support the liver and kidneys as they process toxic metals and other toxins for disposal.Stimulates efficient production and flow of bile to process toxins through the liver.Contains a blend of special fibres and plant extracts that effectively bind to toxins in the intestine, preventing their reabsorption back into the bloodstream. Without these binding agents, a large percentage of toxins would be "recycled", heading back to the liver and increasing the toxic burden.Contains substances that keep the bowels moving efficiently, reducing the stool transit time and increasing frequency of bowel movements. This is very important when the liver is processing toxins at an accelerated rate.Is only product in existence that provides support for each and every one of these links, allowing for an unbroken chain of detoxification. From the cell to the liver, to the bile, to the intestine and then out of the body through the feces, Detoxitech supports complete and efficient detoxification through the kidneys, and the most efficient pathway of elimination, the liver and colon. Traditional water or juice fasting, liver and colon purges, popular "cleansing" products do not support all of these important detoxification processes.

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