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Magsmart 200g


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Magnesium is an abundant mineral in the body that is necessary for many organs and tissues to function properly. Deficiency of magnesium has been implicated in cardiovascular disease behavioral problems diabetes chronic fatigue migraine headaches muscular complaints osteoporosis and PMS. Features:Helps you fall asleepLowers blood pressureSupports the heart nervous system and cellular energyRelieves muscle cramps twitchingFor restless leg syndromeReduces ADHD symptoms in childrenImproves insulin response and glucose toleranceHelps relieve headaches and muscle tensionHelps build bones and prevents orteoporosisSuggested Usage: Mix 1 scoop (1 tbsp or 6.7 g) in 125 mL (4 oz) of water to taste or as directed by a health care practitioner.Each Scoop Contains:This product does not contain irradiated rice flour artificial preservatives colours or sweeteners dairy soy wheat or yeast. VEGAN-FRIENDLY. GLUTEN-FREE.

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