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SRH Health Foods is a family owned business. We have 3 stores located in Hamilton, Grimsby & Dunnville Ontario respectively. At each location you will find a wide variety of supplements, some grocery items, as well as trained staff that can guide you in reaching your health goals.

You can walk into any location and expect to be helped on the floor, for free, by a qualified professional. Most everyone you run into is a nutritionist or has decades of experience working in and helping our clients. You can even consult our naturopathic doctor any wednesday, by appointment, and again "For Free".

And we do all this at rock bottom prices. We don't just sell you products we provide you with the best possible service at the lowest possible price. Our customers testify to that.

In addition to our free professional consultations, you can also provide access to paid services like Reflexology and Live Blood Analysis and consulting our Naturopathic Doctor.

We are at your service and hope to run into you in the store!!